Connect the dots… Mark Lane, a CIA lawyer, is with Jim Jones at Jonestown…


Connect the dots… Mark Lane, a CIA lawyer, is with Jim Jones at JonestownMark Lane (who wrote the first book exposing the JFK murder conspiracy) goes to work at The Spotlight on Capitol Hill in Washington… Timothy McVeigh takes out an ad in The Spotlight…. the ADL tells the media this after the OKC bombing…. the Spotlight is sued, loses, and changes its name to the American Free Press, with Michael Collins Piper, which he has been with for 30 years (= Jonestown/Iran-Contra)… Christopher Bollyn is one of the first AFP

Mark Glenn – Fake Catholic, anti-Zionist DoD, CIA disinformation propagandist?

…”Israel did 9/11″ writers and activists on the 911 Truth scene, immediately following the events of 9/11, followed by Eric Hufschmid, and, eventually, AFP‘s Mark Glenn, of The Ugly Truth Radio Network. Mark Glenn (et al) are now furious with me for having exposed them and for fighting against the military-industrial-academic complex… and they aim to destroy me for doing so. Unfortunately for them, we – the good people of America and the world, who want peace and a sustainable future – are beating their sorry asses with the TRUTH!

See: –



“A lawyer working for Jones in Jonestown named Mark Lane postured himself as a left-winger and someone who believed in Jones’ version of Apostolic Socialism. He also wrote a book about Jonestown called The Strongest Poison. Was Mark Lane an opportunist lawyer whose book stretched the truth and omitted important information? That is what the reviewers say. I am not saying that. Could he be an actual tool of the CIA as he makes his living appearing to attack them? I am not saying that Mark Lane is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. However I will tell you this: Mark Lane walked out of Jonestown that fateful day and later became the lawyer for the very same people in charge of killing the Jonestown survivors – Bo Gritz and the Liberty Lobby and Company. Gritz is an avowed right-winger who postures himself to be against big government, military profiteering, CIA involvement with drugs and other left-wing issues. Gritz and the Liberty Lobby are both anti-Jew pro-Hitler advocates of revisionist attempts to rewrite history and say that the Holocaust was not so bad or maybe did not really occur at all. It is a great irony that Mark Lane himself is Jewish. This subject matter is not short on ironies. Gritz, possibly envious of the Jonestown he was partly in charge of destroying, later started a community of right-wing survivalists he named “Almost Heaven.”

“Jonestown, the CIA and the Mystery Tape” by David Parker Wise –

“Mark Lane took over the assets of the Liberty Lobby in or around 1993, when the lobby was on the verge of bankruptcy.  This information came directly from L.T. Patterson, the publisher of Criminal Politics, who was sued by Lane in 1994 for some $10 million.  Patterson was able to fend off Lane, a Zionist wolf in sheep’s clothing, and learned that Lane owned the lobby during the legal process.  When I asked Willis A. Carto if this was true, he swore at me on the phone and slammed down the receiver.  Since my office at the lobby/newspaper was connected to Willis Carto’s (from the summer of 2000) and having seen Lane, Carto, and Piper together on many occasions, I don’t doubt for a minute that Patterson’s information is true.  I have never seen anything that would contradict it.  This would mean that the so-called right-wing patriotic and anti-Semitic publications of the Liberty Lobby, such as the Spotlight and American Free Press, are actually controlled-opposition outfits controlled by the Zionist Jew, Mark Lane.”


“During the summer of 1978, Jones hired JFK assassination conspiracy theorists Mark Lane and Donald Freed to help make the case of a “grand conspiracy” by intelligence agencies against the Peoples Temple.[88] Jones told Lane he wanted to “pull an Eldridge Cleaver”, referring to a fugitive Black Panther who was able to return to the United States after repairing his reputation.[88] In September 1978, Lane spoke to the residents of Jonestown, providing support for Jones’ theories and drawing parallels between Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jim Jones.[88] Lane then held press conferences stating that “none of the charges” against the Temple “are accurate or true” and that there was a “massive conspiracy” against the Temple by “intelligence organizations,” naming the CIA, FBI, FCC and even the U.S. Post Office.[88] Though Lane represented himself as disinterested, Jones was actually paying him $6,000 per month to generate such theories.[89]“


AFP (645 Penn Ave SE)

AFP 645 Penn Ave SE – The very shady offices of the token anti-semitic rag on Capitol Hill: American Free Press, or AFP, which used to be called the Spotlight, back in the day, until they were sued and lost. Perhaps AFP should be called the ADL instead? LOL Their office is located between the liquor store and the check cashing place, has a fake name on the locked door, and darkly tinted windows.

VIDEO – Jim Jones & Monkeys –

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